3 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2018

January 19, 2018     |    


You wake up in the early afternoon on Jan. 1, pull back the blinds of your bedroom window and catch the sun at its highest, shining down on you. The New Year has presented itself with endless opportunities and you are feeling abnormally optimistic. Your resolution? Kick it into high gear and grow your business! Now, where to begin?


Look towards your team. Your employees should be far too important to your company to ignore when talking about growth. Hire the right ones for the job who can help you on your journey towards success. Turnover can affect any company, so figure out why people are leaving and try to fix it. Our partner QuickBooks shared an example where a seasonal business adapted to be less seasonal so that they could retain their most important employees. They also raised their wages to compete with competitors. If you cannot afford to do this, then pump your employees with encouragement and create an enjoyable working environment to help keep morale high.


Think outside the box and expand to other markets. Find out where your audience spends their time so you can try to incorporate them into your business strategy. For example, if your market is young, you could collaborate with schools. By doing this, you can create multiple revenue streams by offering discounts and resources through these partnerships. Then you can be earning on those constantly to bulk up your business.


Share the right content in the right way. Remember, it is 2018 now and content sharing is constantly evolving, so evolve with it. Your audience is searching for online videos more so than ever before! They want to soak up as much information in the most entertaining way possible and video is a great way to achieve that. Webinars are always useful, but if not incorporated with other channels, your business’s appearance can begin to look stale. An online video-course is a great tactic to get creative with your brand and speak directly to those most interested, and even [hopefully] capture those who were not interested before.


2018 will have its ups and downs, but finishing it off with the accomplishment of business growth will be one for the books. Happy New Year and happy growing!


Written by Lindsey Stefanka, Coordinator of Digital Marketing for the National Chamber Program.