The B.A.R.E Essentials of Digital Marketing

January 19, 2018     |    

Rich Brooks, marketing expert and founder of Flyte New Media, shared with us his unique four-step approach to tackling the unknowns of a marketing campaign. He calls it:

The B.A.R.E Essentials of Digital Marketing.


1.Build your platform.

This means a mobile-friendly, fast-loading website that gets your audience to take action. Your website also needs to be designed in mind of the results that you want. So, if you want that visiting person to sign up for your email newsletter, then be clear about that. Put a clear call to action on every page of your website

2. Attract your audience. 

The key takeaway? YES, you should partake in paid ads on Google. Even if your business ends up being No. 1 in organic search, there is still at least three paid local searches ahead of yours, making it now No. 4. Basically, if your business is not on the first page of Google, it does not exist.

Blogging is also a great tactic to increase traffic to your website. As well as being a resource for your readers, it increases your chances of appearing in organic searches.

3. Retain your audience.

Getting someone on your email list is a very powerful marketing tool. While social media feeds update constantly, emails will stay in the inbox until your customer interacts with it. Strive to grow your contact list and communicate why your emails will be a resource for them.

4. Evaluate your work.

Make sure you use analytics to prove your progress. That way you know what to keep doing and what to keep testing. This includes Google analytics, as well as your social analytics. Without evaluating your work, you will never know what will work for your marketing campaign and what will not, so do not overlook this step!

As you spend time with each of these aspects, you will figure out what works for your business and be able to map your marketing plan based on the results you have proven specific to your personal experience.


Written by Lindsey Stefanka, Coordinator of Digital Marketing for the National Chamber Program.